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Shared-value is at the core of all successful entrepreneurs and organisations. It is an opportunity to make a difference and to have a positive impact.

Get the clarity to start building and growing your business and your brand by unlocking the secrets of intelligent entrepreneurs and organisations and connecting your business success with social, societal and environmental progress.

Ilinca Dumitru-Blanchard

Making the world a better and a fairer place is not only what I do in my business, but also my lifestyle and my passion. This is why I help savvy impact-driven entrepreneurs like you building a better tomorrow through powerful and sustainable businesses and brands.

I am a passionate entrepreneur, speaking fluently 4 languages, with over 16 years of experience in the entrepreneurship and business world, having worked and lived in many different countries. 

As an entrepreneur or business owner, we sometimes struggle to find why we choose going on the entrepreneurship road or which is the real reason our business exists. W

Why do we do what we why? What impact will our actions and projects have?

We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

With some very tactical but easy-to-implement strategies we build together, you will start or grow your impact-oriented business sustainably, find new ideas and opportunities, create meaningful projects and penetrate new markets without having to change who you are. 

I’m here to help you make this shift.



Sustainable Growth

Gain a competitive advantage in a continuously evolving world by aligning your business goals and your brand message with societal change and your audience's challenges

Strong Impact

Create meaningful projects, aligned with your values and vision, to have a remarkable effect in the world, the society and the environment that surrounds you.

Long-lasting Influence

Build exceptional relations with your audience and connect them genuinely to your business and brand with worthwhile projects, exceptional experiences and powerful identities.

Impact & Growth Strategies

Whether you start your entrepreneurship path or you want to upscale your business, my objective is to help you transform your business and its impact on the society with an open heart and a strategic approach.


You have an incredible story to share


Stay focused on your project to get clarity over your idea and concept. Choose your unique value proposal and your niche to start building your activity.


Identify new opportunities and position yourself as a thought leader in your market. Create meaningful relationships with your tribe.


Form strategic partnerships that allow you to create a network and a team to accompany you in your path of growth and scaling-up.


Transform your business into a high-engaged purpose-driven brand by merging strategy and social responsibility. Create your own Chief Purpose Officer.


Challenge yourself to always keep improving and making a difference. Engage your teams into high-impact projects that benefit your clients and your growing tribe.

By doing well, we do better

Are you a solopreneur? Let’ start designing your brand new impact entrepreneurship project and get getting you work full-time with your business!

Are you an entrepreneur or organisation with an established business? Let’s grow your business and team and create projects with a positive impact!

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