Growth, Business & Mindset
Impact-Driven Solopreneurs

Welcome to the Tribe of Savvy Bosspreneurs! 

I am so pumped you are here, in the Bosspreneur Tribe!

I am sure right now you have big ideas. Big dreams you want to turn into reality: corporate social responsibility, social solidarity economy, short supply circuits, zero waste, social inclusion for people with disabilities, fair trade…and so on!

But you don’t know where to start. You’ve probably taken mini-courses and watched countless YouTube videos, free webinars, but how to put everything in practice?

Here, we’ll make things happen together. 

Launching or consolidating your entrepreneur activity, building a life on your own terms and making an impact through your business will be the beginning of a new life for you.

A life where personal development and professional growth go hand in hand. 

Where impact and influence rhyme with sustainable growth.

Making an income while having an impact.

Whatever your main reason is, you can build around it an intelligent and sustainable business and brand to accompany you for years to come.

Yes, I know you are overwhelmed!

I once was you

I hustled to make an impactful living out of my entrepreneurial life. 


Because entrepreneurship, ethics and impact-driven projects are what makes me alive. What activates my mind and my soul. 

You can’t be in the long-run if you don’t love it!

Just like you, at the beginning of my journey, I was lost.

Over time, by dedicating a huge amount of energy and time, I did figure it out

I built for myself a long-term plan that would allow me to launch my business. 

And I have learnt how to adjust this strategy over time, to adapt it to my development and growth, but also to my vision and to what I can bring to my tribe and community.

Now, my number one mission is to make you save all your time and energy in putting together the many pieces of the puzzle of a holistic strategy

My goal is to help you and other people just like you build and launch a thriving business without giving up who you are. 

To help you be able to help others.

It’s the right time for you, Bosspreneur!

  • To take the leap and awaken the entrepreneur inside you.
  • To elevate your potential and your skills.
  • To gain clarity on your business.
  • To be an active entrepreneur in today's evolving society.
  • To tap into the sweet spot where proficiency, passion and profit come together.
  • To make an impact over other people’s lives.
  • To build your business sustainably.
  • To build an amazing business and a magnetic brand.
  • To communicate knowing who you exactly are.

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