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Welcome to the Tribe of Engaged Businesses!

So excited you are here, in the Tribe of Engaged Businesses!

If you’re here, it is because you are ready to upscale your business and take it to the next level.

You are ready to keep growing your business and your team and to get involved at the same time in projects bigger than yourself. Projects that aim to contribute in a positive way to your global environment: the habitat, the society, the cultural habits…and so on!

You’ve started small and built, over months or years, a thriving business. 

Maybe you have a team or partners you want to empower with what you do. 

Maybe you serve today bigger meaningful projects and communities than before and you need to adapt your business and growth to a new model. 

Maybe you have a small team, but it needs a new flow of energy, ideas and social-impact projects to work on. 

Maybe you are looking forward to creating your own Chief Purpose Officer.

Or maybe you know it’s time to look over new horizons and explore what the changing world, environment and market have to offer you.

Whatever your main reason is, we’re here for the big win.

A win that combines strategies for impact, influence and growth on the community that surrounds you.


I am sure you have big ideas, dreams of developing intelligent projects and having an impact on social and environmental matters.

That’s why I am here to help.

Over my 16 years of experience in the entrepreneurial and business world, I have managed important mid and long-term projects and empowered multicultural teams to work together for the greater benefit of those they were serving.

I have drafted recommendations and strategies for entrepreneurs and their businesses to elevate their potential and go international.

I have helped small entrepreneurs to scale up and grow meaningfully.

I have had a positive impact on my environment. 

Because in today’s world, rules have changed. 

Consumers and stakeholders expect businesses to be engaged in creating a better world for all of us: Europeans, Americans, Africans, Asians, Australians…we all share this amazing place that is the Earth!

They want to connect emotionally, in a meaningful and human way to brands and businesses.

And we’re here to make this happen: giving your business and your team the clarity and the vision it needs.

Why do you do what you do, what are your objectives and goals, where do you want to take your business, how to build sustainable working systems for your team and partners, how to conceive projects that bring people working together for a higher social, societal and environnemental benefit…all these and many other questions find their answers in the growth strategies we develop together.

Having an objective assessment, clear ideas and smart, yet simple projects to develop is one of the fundamentals for your business to grow.

I know very well that no two entrepreneurs and their businesses are the same. 

Therefore, I follow a tailor-made approach that guarantees you personalised solutions for your needs from A to Z.

Are we a good match?

Book your discovery free call and let’s find out!

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