4 steps to succeed with your business on the Web

A new communication and digital marketing strategy

Imagine a strategy that can make you effectively engage your ideal customers to your business and pull them in to your products and services through valuable content and interactions. This is the Inbound Marketing.

Thanks to the Inbound Marketing, you will convert strangers in loyal customers of your business.

What are the steps to follow?


It all starts here. Attract your buyer personas to your services and products through different channels:

  • BlogsBlogs are the best way of keeping in touch with your customers and engaging new customers to your business. Share with them the information they are interested in, the values of business, the last developments in your field, and they will come back encouraged by the added value of your content.
  • Website pages: When your users surf your website, they must find easily the products, the services and the information they are looking for. Think always to optimise your website content in order to rise naturally on the search results.
  • SEO (on-page SEO and off-page SEO): Optimising your content is the key in order to be easily found by your buyer personas: choose the good keywords and create worthy content are among the many ways of doing it.
  • Social media: Interact with your online community:  share useful information, answer to their questions and comments and develop a close relationship with your buyer personas.



If you want to convert your buyer personas into leads, you need to gather their contact information (e-mail address most commonly). The easiest way of succeeding in your attempt is to offer back free content of interest for them. To do so, you can use different methods:

  • Forms: Make them clear and easy to be filled in by your buyer personas.
  • Calls-to-action: Invite your buyer personas to act, by downloading a document, sharing a news, participating to an event.
  • Landing  pages: When your visitors click on a call-to-action button, they will we prompted to a landing page describing the offer. When they fill in the form contained in the landing page, they will automatically become leads.



Convert your leads into customers with the help of different marketing tools:

  • Customer Relationship Management: This tool offers you valuable information regarding your leads and clients and allows you to optimize your marketing strategy.
  • E-mails: Provide free valuable educational content for your leads and persuade them to become your customers.
  • Marketing automation: Organise your marketing campaigns, promote your services and products and reinforce your relationship with your leads by creating targeted content for them.



Well done! You have transformed your buyer persona into your customer. But it doesn’t end here. In inbound marketing, you must delight and continue to offer valuable content and information to your customer. Your customers are your best ambassadors and they play an important role in your business promotion. How do you delight them, though?

  • Surveys: Use their feedback to see what you can improve.
  • Social monitoring: Follow your customers’ activity on social networks (comments, interactions…) in order to understand them even better.
  • E-mails: Provide tailored content, introduce new products, services that might interest your customers.



Inbound marketing relies on 5 essential principles:

Content creation

Create valuable tailored content to your audience’s needs. Worth reading and sharing content will allow your website being referenced by external links (link building). Your popularity will increase and you will raise in the Google results.



Each user – visitor, lead, customer, ambassador – passes through different phases and each phase needs a different marketing approach.



To better target your buyer personas, you must personalise your content and your offer to their needs and wishes.  By doing so, your marketing strategy will be optimised.



Interact with your users there where they are and where they are ready to interact with you.



Your marketing tools must work all together in a well-defined strategy, allowing you to take the good decisions at the good moment. Adapt and improve your marketing strategy at any time. It will have a positive impact over your business on the long term.

And you, have you already tried the Inbound Marketing strategies?




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