NAMING: Egemone Consulting [case study]



The challenge

To be noticed in a crowded marketplace. David vs Goliath. An entrepreneurial project vs structured and well established agencies.

Meet Sébastien Blanchard. After seven years working in the „Brussels bubble” for the European Parliament and the French Bar Association, he decided to start his own Bordeaux-based EU affairs consultancy.

Sébastien was very aware that a strong brand naming was the starting point in his communication strategy. He knew it would set the tone for every single interaction with his clients. He also  knew that if he wanted his clients to easily remember him or to be able to recommend him to others, he needed a strong business name.

In a field where the number of consultancies has increased exponentially over the last decade, the business name isn’t anymore just a name, but the identity of an entire brand. Sébastien understood that choosing carefully his was a turning point for his consultancy; it was about conveying the right message for his clients.

The key

To be different than others. To build strong links with the senior executives.

Enter and discover Egemone Consulting – a consultancy that brings the best European  expertise to local entities in the South West of France.

Création de nom de marque

By choosing Egemone Consulting, we built the brand naming around its dynamic role: leadership of private and public stakeholders in becoming active actors in the EU lobbying and decision-making process. And there is more to it: the mastery and the leadership of the consultancy also rely on a fully-engaged network of partners.

Connecting the idea of mastery and leadership – Egemone – directly with his business services – Consulting –  was the key. Keeping the name too generic wouldn’t have allowed his audience to easily identify his offer.

The consultancy is proposing several services: from information on EU legal developments to support in EU fundings. We had to make sure the brand naming wouldn’t limit the proposed services at all and it would fit in different geographical environements: pronounciation, spelling and cultural associations.

Last, but not least: the name „Egemone Consulting” is available across the globe both offline – no trademark –  and online – web domain free.


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