Daring Or Not? The University Of Entrepreneurs Opens Up The Doors Of Audacity

Make room to audacity! The University of Entrepreneurs of MEDEF Gironde invited all the daring entrepreneurs on November 9, 2017 in Bordeaux (France) to learn a little more about the key to success of an entrepreneurial life.



How many entrepreneurs have missed out on unique opportunities just because they were afraid to step out of their comfort zone and dare to be bold?


Audacity is the label of every entrepreneur. Boldness is a philosophy of life.


Because you can’t be a successful entrepreneur without daring to take risks. To succeed and surpass your limits, you must get used to the idea of ​​discomfort. Being bold will allow you to make the leap and grow your business.


Like everything in life, the decision belongs to you. Are you going to act cautiously or are you going to take risks and meet all the projects you dream of?


Staying in a comfort zone and not leading a courageous and daring entrepreneurial life may seem like the right choice. But, in time, this choice will turn into regrets and you will ask yourself “What if I dared? “.


The speakers, with their rich and diverse past, have shown us that daring applies to any job at any time: startup or company with 20 years of experience, we must innovate constantly !


Edgar Grospiron shared with us the audacity of his professional conversion, from skier to company manager.


Patrick Beauduin captivated the public’s attention to how his journey across three continents in the world of journalism, marketing and communication has changed his vision and understanding of the relationship between business and their clients in the 21st century.


The exchanges between us, the 1200 daring entrepreneurs who took part in the University of Entrepreneurs, were also very rich. The ups and downs, the fears, how to overcome them and adapt … Here are some tips that will transform your vision on entrepreneurship. Because to offer unique experiences to your customers first pass by your entrepreneurial daring.



Find Your Passion

Entrepreneurs develop a competitive spirit to turn their passions into professional successes. That’s why your passion will be a key factor in your entrepreneurial success.



Keep Motivated

It is the most common reason for failure: the temptation to accomplish everything today. Rome was not built in a day. And good business will not be either. Keep in mind the long-term goals, but focus on the process to get there. Every step counts. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Over time, your business will bring you only satisfaction.


Overcome Adversity

Adversity is the norm, not the exception. We all face adversities, but only a few manage to overcome them. A successful entrepreneur is prepared for the unknown, knows how to start again and celebrates rewards and successes.



Be Confident

Trust is a virtue we develop throughout our lives. Concentrate on your strengths and do not be afraid to deceive yourself. Choose a goal, visualize your success and go, do not ask yourself questions because you know it’s possible to get there!



Be Bold

Be bold and take risks! The best entrepreneurs are convinced of their success and are not afraid to go wrong. They know how to bounce and learn from their mistakes. Because mistakes and fear help them stay alert and open to new things, as well as innovate in their way of interacting with the world.



Don’t forget: entrepreneurship is an adventure where you have to learn to minimize risk and to dare at the right time. Learn to turn risks into opportunities and your path will take on a new dimension!




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