The Power Of Emotions: Boost Your Business With The Emotional Space

Today’s consumers have a multitude of solutions to best meet their needs. How to attract them? How to convince them to choose your brand? By sharing with them the right emotions at the right time.

Getting the most out of the power of emotions.

It’s no secret that we humans are irrational and emotional creatures. We can feel more than 5000 emotions!

It’s not a coincidence that emotions are at the heart of Inbound marketing strategies. Because when we like something, we can’t stop wanting more.

And high-growth brands know it very well: they use emotion to create a desire for their ideal customers. This is the lever of their development. They understood that the real trigger of the relationship of any business with its visitors, prospects, customers and ambassadors are the emotions.



Si tu pouvais faire sentir à tes clients une seule émotion, quelle serait-elle ?


Stop for a moment and ask yourself: if you had the power and influence to make your customers feel only one emotion, what would it be?

Think about it. Again and again.

The reality is that, while the marketing world is increasingly recognising the importance of emotions and their impact on brands, we are still analysing this knowledge and discovering how to use emotional links in a way that boosts the growth of the brand.



But I have good news for you.

Today, I share with you 3 very simple steps to begin your journey to discover the emotional space of your brand and thus create an emotional bond and an unprecedented growth of your brand.



Understand Where You Are Today

Have you already measured the emotions you arouse in your clients?

What tools did you use to analyse how your brand transmits emotions?

Are you convinced that these are the good emotions that optimise the growth of your brand compared to your competitors?

The first step in building a personalised relationship with your ideal customers is to understand where you are today by identifying the emotional space of your brand.

It is therefore essential to determine where your brand establishes a positive emotional connection with your ideal customers. This will allow you to identify and promote the positive associations your customers have with you and focus all your Inbound marketing actions in this emotional territory.




Identify Where To Go Tomorrow

Each brand has an emotional space. It is the space where intention of purchase, loyalty and pleasure intersect.

One of the most important ideas to remember is that there are specific emotions that are independent of the type of products or services you offer: feeling happy, satisfied, interested, having fun, being part of a community, to have a relationship of trust …

In addition to these classic issues, it has become clear that each business has its own emotional space that it must maximise around 3 pillars: personalisation, credibility and profitability.

Personalising your emotional space is a strategic step for your business, because it will make your customers associate the emotions you convey to your brand rather than your competitors.

The credibility of your emotional space is reflected in the authenticity of the emotions you convey. Thus, the emotions that your brand inspires are perceived naturally by your customers.

Finally, in the long run, these emotional triggers are profitable for your brand only if they lead your business to a sustainable competitive advantage.




Discover How To Get There

Once you have identified the emotional space of your brand, the key to growth lies in the consistent management of each interaction so that the voice of your brand is unified and harmonised.

Thus, having a brand voice strategy can determine how to amplify the emotional space of it through the creation of content and experiences for your customers.

When you build your marketing strategies, you need to think about the importance of conveying emotions to your customers through your website, blog posts, newsletters and any other interactions you have with them.

Because every interaction that your customers have with your brand begins where you want to bring them. To be persuasive and transform your visitors into brand ambassadors, each creative brief and editorial strategy must be built around the emotional space of the brand.




Emotional connections should no longer be a mystery to your brand – they can be the new source of competitive advantage and growth for your business.

Building a strategy around the emotional space of your business requires in-depth knowledge of your ideal clients, analytical skills and, most importantly, a long-term commitment to consistently aligning each interaction action with your clients in your business strategy of Inbound marketing.




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