MaxiCoffee: The Crush Of The Prizes Nouvelle-Aquitaine [case study]

How Content Marketing has propeled MaxiCoffee into the e-commerce leader of coffee boutiques



The award ceremony of the Neo Aquitains Prizes – Gironde 2017 took place on December 5th in Bordeaux.



The big favorite of the jury this year: the e-commerce MaxiCoffee, specialized in the world of coffee B2C and B2B.

The beautiful story of this SME based on the Basin of Arcachon began a decade ago.

How did MaxiCoffee conquer and evangelise the online coffee market in France and maximise its digital presence in just 10 years?


1 technique. 3 words.



Let’s unravel the secrets of how MaxiCoffee successfully lead a content marketing strategy.



More than an e-commerce, a state of mind


MaxiCoffee says it. They want to democratise good coffee and offer each of us the drink that fits our envies.


And to carry out this bold mission and introduce us to the aromas of traditionally roasted coffee beans, what better than a website that opens to visitors the doors of the world of coffee and new emotions?


Making the most of its visual, MaxiCoffee is the combination of two passions – coffee and internet – to offer us the perfect recipe for a cup of coffee.



Content and SEO

SEO plays in favor of MaxiCoffee: thanks to its many blog pages and indexed product sheets, the site has more than 17,000 pages referenced by search engines.


This represents a major asset for its content marketing strategy.


Optimizing SEO-content marketing efforts involves creating an editorial strategy of qualitative content that ensures consistency and interconnection between the various pages of the website.


Thus, MaxiCoffee reaches the top of the search engines thanks to the incorporation of keywords used by its ideal customers in its product references and its contents.



The blog


MaxiCoffee’s blog is at the heart of its content marketing strategy.


Wishing to push the customer experience beyond conventional limits, the blog is far from being a simple enumeration of articles that only drive the visitor to buy. Through this, MaxiCoffee answers questions, informs and educates coffee lovers.


The blog is structured to welcome MaxiCoffee’s 3 categories of ideal customers: the initiate, the connoisseur and the expert. Thus, with its many news articles, tests, tutorials, recipes and buying guides, each of them can explore the world of coffee and the MaxiCoffee spirit, before embarking on the purchase.



Social networks


MaxiCoffee knows it: optimising its presence on social media allows it to effectively promote its products and give brand recognition.



MaxiCoffee’s social star network is YouTube. With its 800 educational and informative videos and its 8,800 subscribers, MaxiCoffee is playing once again on the visual to share with its customers the secrets of a good coffee. A successful and 100% winning challenge, which surfs on the increasing attractiveness of video content to the public.



Go further in customer satisfaction


MaxiCoffee aims to meet its customers’ needs and maximise a personalised relationship with them.


Through the Coffee School and Barista Training, MaxiCoffee offers tailor-made training to discover the world of coffee or perfecting the art of making coffee-based beverages: the barista trade.


With the opening of its first Coffee Shop backed by its warehouse, MaxiCoffee relies on a powerful marketing and communication tool: fully personalise the relationship with its visitors, prospects and customers by bringing them physically into their world.



To be continued


With a growth of 30% per year, MaxiCoffee wants to conquer foreign territories.


What will its ideal customers be?


What will be the strategy followed?


Proposing the same contents, the same formats and the same interactions as in France, could it be a good idea?


One thing is certain: in France, MaxiCoffee broke the codes, dared to innovate in a highly competitive market and turned coffee into a product appreciated by more and more French people.




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