Life Is A Challenge: From EU Civil Servant to Copywriter Entrepreneur

Simon Sinek said it: “START WITH WHY, NOT WHO”.

The modern copywriter must have in their veins the Inbound Marketing approach: the WHY.

WHY for: Why do I do what I do? Why do I exist professionally? Why should you read what I want to share with you? Why should you eventually collaborate with me?

Through my blog articles, I aim to answer your questions, show you how to grow bigger and accompany you in this path.

Today, I wish to share with you the WHO: Who am I? Which are the path and the experiences that have led me where I am today?


Because behind every business, there is a story.

And somewhere along the story, there is something we share, or we have in common.


My Life Story

I was born in a sunny spring day in Bucharest, about 3 decades ago. From the beginning, I had Modern Languages in my blood. By the time I started school, I was already learning Romanian, English, Spanish and French. Speaking, reading and interacting in 4 languages.

I was lucky: as journalist and coordinator of the International team of the main Romanian radio station, my dad shared with me his passion for Modern Languages (and for writing, but more on that later). I grew up surrounded by people from the 4 corners of the world: journalists, business directors, entrepreneurs, writers, actors…

By the time I started high-school, I knew I would follow the path of communication and writing. Where, how, by what means? It was just a matter of time for me to decide I would pursuit my way (and my happiness!) in Spain.

In love with Cervantes’ country since my youngest age, I choose the Political Sciences Faculty of the University of Granada to start my studies and I specialised in Political Communication and Media: or how writing and speaking (in all their ways and supports) can influence people’s attitudes and behaviors.



Young Entrepreneur

Along with my university studies, I pursued one of my biggest passions: teaching Modern Languages. This was my first entrepreneurial project: looking for the ideal clients, building a plan, learning how to do a pitch, and so much more.

The most important thing I learnt is the value of sharing knowledge before asking for something in return. Without any knowledge in Inbound Marketing, I followed what I considered worthful: giving away the first two language courses for all my students.

The word of mouth was precious. For my entire stay in Spain, I gave French, English and Spanish classes to children, adults and university students.

It looked like my entrepreneurial life was slowly starting to gain shape.

This experience taught me the basic principles of entrepreneurship: working hard, meeting objectives, facing adversity, as well as reinventing and finding its place in the “market” continuously. Managing my studies, my classes and my startup collaboration was a great challenge proved to be tremendously valuable for my entire professional career.

Throughout all the years in Spain, I never stopped writing: writing for university associations, for Romanian newspapers and finally writing and translating content for the startup Junior Enterprise. I discovered how political sciences and marketing go hand in hand, as both of are means of promoting different sorts of services (and products).



The Brussels Bubble

My curiosity for how different people, businesses and countries interact between each other led me to Brussels.

A new chapter was opening.

I was literally jumping from university and my entrepreneur objectives to the heart of the EU institutions.

I was eager to meet the world, to be part of something bigger than myself, to learn new competences and to improve all those I had already had.

Being part of the EU institutions meant I could, directly or indirectly, help you to improve your quality of life, to boost your business, to enable you to enjoy of working, living and studying across Europe and beyond.

EU institutions might seem a natural continuation for a Political Science bachelor.

However, this experience taught me one of the most important things up until now: doesn’t matter really your background, what matters is how you can adapt the competences and abilities you’ve acquired in the past to the job’s requirements.

I learnt that we can all be chameleons and that continuous learning and training is what allows us to reinvent ourselves and to be able to switch “jobs”.

How, you might wonder? EU institutions provide non-stop continuous training for all its staff on a huge range of topics. Thanks to this, they have put in place a system of turning around staff every 6-7 years. Staff change institution, position or field of work and they learn how to best adapt to different challenges and contexts.

My field of work at that time, safety and health at work, has brought me closer to the European micro, small and medium enterprises reality, as these businesses face the greatest challenges in terms of safety and health at work: leadership, work organisation, wellbeing at work and so on.




Change Takes Place

But it was another powerful experience that empowered me to broaden my knowledge and look beyond: my daughter’s birth.

As some sort of stronger-than-me power, my daughter gave me the strength and the courage to challenge myself.

4 years ago, while still working in the EU institutions, I took a decision: I wished to go back to the beginnings, to restart my entrepreneurial career that was on pause and to dedicate myself to teaching languages and helping micro, small and medium businesses grow through the use of the appropriate words, at the appropriate time, delivered to the appropriate audience.

Ever since, I haven’t stopped training myself, learning new things, updating what I learnt and adapting to the changing contexts.



Entrepreneurship Today

This is how The Golden Words project was born 2 years ago in Belgium as the answer to a growing need for businesses: boosting their turnover by the use of copywriting and engagement marketing.

Changing professional life had to be followed by changing personal life. So, my family and I said good-bye to the Brussels “blue” sky to warmly set up in sunny Bordeaux.


Copywriting is challenging


Entrepreneurship Tomorrow

Being an entrepreneur is challenging, no doubt.

Every day is a battle. It can be victory or defeat. But I decide to embrace it with joy because good things happen where there is dedication. One thing I believe strongly.

I know I am only at the beginning of my new story and I cannot wait to see where it leads me.


Change is good. Change is what makes you stronger. Change is what takes you where you didn’t expect.


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