Who are we?

People do not buy products, they buy experiences.

The first question to ask yourself is: what does my business stand for? Finding the reason your business exists defines your brand and it is the key of your success on the long term.


Differentiate yourself from your concurrence by who you are, not what you do.

Too many organisations develop their business strategy by putting upfront their products and services, and not their personality and what makes them different.

They don’t know who their ideal clients are, which are their pains and how to efficiently connect with their audiences.

They try to communicate without knowing who they are:  why they do what they do, which are their objectives and goals and where they want to take their business to.


In an increasing phygital world, human interactions are the key.

And having a clear and broad branding strategy is the way of succeeding.

Branding is all about creating those meaningful relationships with your community and connecting emotionally with your clients.

Branding allows you to grow your business sustainably and penetrate new markets without having to change who you are.


Our Team

From audit to implementation, passing through visual and website design, we create effective strategies, powerful identities and exceptional brand experiences to connect people to your brand and to your business.

To keep up with innovation, The Golden Words has forged natural alliances with specialised collaborators.

Thus, you have at your disposal a team with an unrivalled know-how, cross-disciplinary competencies and a boundless energy, that will put forward the ideal solutions for your business, ensuring the highest quality of services.


Define the purpose of your business, learn how to differentiate yourself from your competitors and transform your brand in one-of-a-kind on the market.

Whether you start a new business, you want to reposition your business on the market or you plan to go abroad and export your products and services at international level, our objective is to help you get your brand noticed, with an open heart and a strategic approach.


We would be happy to hear about your project!