Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Imagine a strategy that can make you effectively engage your ideal customers to your business and pull them in to your products and services through valuable content and interactions. This is the Inbound Marketing.


Inbound marketing is the marketing methodology of the new era: the era of Internet, blogs, social media and online communities.

The traditional marketing techniques are also known as outbound marketing. They are focused on pushing the prospects buying a product or a service through trade shows, intensive e-mailing campaigns, telemarketing, TV and radio advertising…

Nevertheless, in the past decade, people’s perceptions of how they control and manage the information they get have changed. When going on internet, people look to find worthy answers and valuable information regarding their interests.

Therefore, the intrusive outbound marketing strategies have become less effective, while inbound marketing strategies took over.

The inbound marketing strategies focus on getting your business found by your future customers. How do you do that? By creating remarkable content and valuable experiences for them.

The objective is to draw prospects to your business naturally, by providing useful information and helping them finding answers to their questions and needs.

Inbound marketing involves:

  • Developing an online presence.
  • Making your business easy to be found on the Web by your target people, also known as buyer personas.
  • Transforming your buyer personas into your customers.

If you want to learn more about the steps to follow to succeed in your Inbound Marketing strategy, have a look at my blog post “4 steps to succeed with your business on the Web“.

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